Freeze Dried Foods (FDF)

Freeze Dried Foods (FDF)

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The story of Freeze Dried Foods (FDF) stands out as a testament to hard work, dedication, and strategic partnerships.

Taine Randell (former General Manager), along with his father-in-law Brian Edwards (former major and founding shareholder), and wife Joanne Randell (former CEO of Kiwi Garden), successfully navigated the competitive landscape of the freeze-dried goods industry.

Established in 1997, FDF quickly made a name for itself as a toll processing company, working with renowned brands such as K9 Natural Pet Food, Heinz Watties, and Kiwi Garden. With a strong focus on freeze dried pet food, vegetable, and baby food products, FDF became known for its high-quality offerings that catered to a global market.

The common method for freeze-drying goods had remained relatively unchanged over the years. Little had been done to improve upon manufacturing efficiencies, with slow drying times making the process very tedious. To gain a competitive edge, the FDF team invested heavily into improving the manufacturing process. This investment proved highly successful, resulting in FDF being able to produce high-quality products in a fraction of the time. FDF then became the only purely continuous freeze-drying company in the world.

This was a major selling point for investors who started to pay close attention to the company. “We had a lot of interest in FDF because of our efficient manufacturing process. No one in the industry had seen this level of efficiency before”, said Taine.

In early 2022, the FDF team embarked on the sale process of FDF. A lot of the groundwork had already been done, but the sale process was not their forte. Fortunately, through introductions to key Moore Markhams partners Atul Mehta and Murray Tuck, the FDF team found the support they needed to navigate the complexities of the sale process. “Although there were a few challenges along the way, Atul and Murray made the process very simple to understand and were an amazing asset throughout the journey of the sale”, said Taine.

After rigorous due diligence and negotiations, the sale of FDF was settled in August 2022. Taine, Jo and Brian, now minor shareholders in the company, were able to reinvest in the business and set it on a path for continued success.

As the journey with FDF comes to a successful close for Taine, Jo and Brian, their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs in the freeze-dried goods industry. Through hard work, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence, the FDF team were able to take the company to new heights and secure its place as a leader in the industry.

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