Professional Evolution: A Journey to Partnership at Moore Markhams

Professional Evolution: A Journey to Partnership at Moore Markhams

Moore Markhams

As Stuart Hansen discusses his career, it's evident that his path to becoming an Audit Partner at Moore Markhams is distinguished by both his own diversity and adaptability as well as the firm’s. Reflecting on his journey, Hansen illustrates how embracing varied experiences can shape a leader's approach in the dynamic world of professional services.

Although his career kicked off fairly straight forward with a role in Audit at a big-4 after completing university, Hansen's journey took a remarkable detour. He ventured into the realm of paramedicine, driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives. This chapter in his life was more than a mere career shift; it was a profound exploration into the human aspects of service and care.
  "Working as a paramedic taught me the importance of being present, making decisions under pressure, and most crucially, the ethos of leaving someone or something better than I found it."

This philosophy became a cornerstone in his approach to auditing and business leadership upon his return to the financial sector.

Navigating through the professional landscape with a blend of empathy and analytical skills, Hansen's rise through the ranks at Moore Markhams was not just rapid but impactful. His approach to career progression defies the traditional linear path, highlighting the value of adaptability and seizing opportunities. “The journey to the top is not a straight line; it’s a dynamic path where each experience, each decision moulds your approach and outlook,” Hansen shares.

At Moore Markhams, Hansen found an environment that was not only supportive but empowering. The firm's commitment to personal and professional development allowed Hansen to explore and excel in various aspects of auditing and consultancy. “The support from Moore Markhams was integral to my growth. They provided the resources and freedom necessary for me to push boundaries and innovate within our field," he states. This nurturing atmosphere is a testament to Moore Markhams' forward-thinking approach to talent development and organisational culture.

In his role as a paramedic, Hansen developed a keen sense of responsibility and empathy, skills that he seamlessly integrated into his auditing career. He views his role as an auditor not just as a profession but as a platform to positively influence and support his clients. "In both paramedicine and auditing, the core objective is to leave a positive impact. Whether it’s improving a client's financial health or guiding them through complex regulatory landscapes, the goal is to enhance their situation," he elaborates.
"Our profession is at a crossroads where we can redefine our impact on businesses."

Looking forward, Hansen envisions a dynamic future for the auditing profession in New Zealand, one where auditors transcend traditional roles to become integral business advisors. He believes that the auditor's role will evolve to include deeper insights into client operations and strategies, thus adding substantial value beyond compliance and reporting. "Our profession is at a crossroads where we can redefine our impact on businesses. It's about understanding the client's needs, their industry, and contributing strategically," Hansen explains.

As Hansen prepares to step into his new role as Audit Partner, he brings with him not just years of experience but a philosophy that is based on both a sense of shared common humanity and a client-centric approach. His journey, marked by a willingness to explore, learn, and impact, offers valuable insights for current and aspiring professionals in the field.

Stuart Hansen's story is a compelling narrative of how diverse experiences, empathy, and a commitment to positive change can redefine success in the professional services sector. As he embarks on this new chapter at Moore Markhams, his journey serves as an inspiration and a reminder that the path to excellence is often non-linear and enriched by varied life experiences.