Scott's Journey with Moore Walker Davey Searells

Scott's Journey with Moore Walker Davey Searells

Moore Markhams

Having worked in accounting for 15 years and for the largest privately owned travel group in New Zealand, Scott Keene returned to public practice accounting in 2020. “I missed the people side of public practice accounting, being able to help clients directly, having a real impact on their businesses and their lives.
"I enjoy helping people build better businesses, which in turns leads to a better quality of life for them and their families."

After accepting the role in 2021, Scott has demonstrated a strong ability to translate complex information in a way that clients understand, helping them understand their numbers, and giving them the confidence and ability to make informed decisions.

Scott specialises in managing business growth and understands the countless responsibilities that small business owners’ shoulder. He helps clients with key business decisions and helps identify areas where their time is best spent.
"You cannot shoulder everything alone as your business grows, picking the right time to hire, who to hire and what can be outsourced is a key aspect to managing growth."

Scott has introduced a methodical approach to succession planning for our clients. “A lot of clients 3 – 5 years from exit have no documented succession plan and do not know what their businesses are worth. There can be a large value gap between the business’s actual value, and what our client’s perceived value of their business is. We can work with clients to close the value gap by pinpointing areas in the business that need to be worked on. Setting milestones and holding clients accountable to these helps drive a better shareholder return and prepares the business for its future owners”.

"During my time at Moore Walker Davey Searells, I have been grateful for the opportunities and freedom I have been given. This has allowed me to introduce new service lines and to network with businesses and industry experts. This has resulted in building my own client base, who I enjoy working closely with", said Scott.

"I am grateful for the promotion to Associate and look forward to continuing the work with Moore’s valued customers."
"I am here to help you, and your business. Please do hesitate to contact me if you require assistance with your business."
Scott Keene, CA, BCom.
Phone: 027 460 1700