Are you due a refund for overpaying business levies?

ACC has received around $100 million dollars from businesses through levies it has incorrectly charged since 2002. It is now in the process of refunding those businesses and expects to have payments sorted by April this year.

It could be worth reading the information on the ACC website here and taking a few minutes to complete the checks to see if a refund applies to you.

Over 300,000 businesses are affected in the two historical overpayment issues:

  1. All first-year levies collected since 2002 from self-employed customers, who worked full time (averaged over 30 hours per week across the financial year.) This issue affected approximately 106,000 customers and equates to approximately $36 million in levies.
  2. Around 200,000 businesses paid provisional invoices totally $64 million over the same period, when they were not required to do so.

Interest will be paid on the overpayments.

If you’d like us to help you assess whether you are entitled to a refund, please get in touch.

Published summer 2019.

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