Challenges and opportunities in a turbulent job market

Almost two years into a global health crisis that many could not have imagined in their lifetime, the concept of lockdowns, working from home, a fading connection to the workplace, and the overwhelming feeling of burn-out is driving a surge in resignations in many countries. Is this likely in NZ?

Team communication tools - what is slack?

When you have employees working from home, communication becomes more important than ever. Adding another tool may seem like a further complication right now, but this tool might be useful for your team.

What’s the tax implication of a vaccine ‘thank you’?

Many employers are implementing initiatives to thank employees that get vaccinated. This is in an effort to help the country achieve vaccine targets. But what is the tax implication for those employers?

Are you ready for Delta in 2022?

The Delta variety of Covid could easily have been called Covid-20 or Covid-21. Now would seem a good time to be thinking about how this disease is going to affect your business into the future and what you’re going to do about it, if anything.

Remote work is on the rise - support your virtual team

Remote workers? Make sure you have strong communication channels, and robust systems to support your flexible workers and ensure continued productivity for your business.

Can companies claim home office expenses?

Lockdowns and increased accommodations for work-life balance mean many businesses have employees working full or part-time from home. Talk to us about whether your company can claim home office expenses.

Financial support for business affected by Wellington Level 2

Businesses affected by the recent Wellington Alert Level 2 may be eligible for Government financial support. There is also support for people who cannot work from home while a business may be closed or who are self-isolating.


This time last year, the Budget dealt mainly with the Government’s economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic with support for business very much to the fore. In 2021, that focus has shifted to improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and, in particular, those on the lowest incomes.

Latest financial support for Covid-19 disruption

There is a range of additional and extended support available to NZ businesses in light of the recent change in Alert Levels.

COVID-19 assistance round-up

While a number of Government initiatives to assist businesses have ended, there is some financial support still on offer. We share information here.

Small Business Cashflow (Loan) Scheme changes

On 10 November, the Government announced changes to the Small Business Cashflow (Loan) Scheme.

New $40 Million COVID-19 Fund Opens

If you’re an iwi, hapū or community that has a social initiative to keep NZ safe and resilient, you should check out this new fund worth $40million to support community and social initiatives, marae, community facilities, heritage, environment activities, outdoor safety, health research and individuals with disabilities.

Financial help for small Māori-owned businesses extended

The $10million Māori Trustee Top-Up Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme, has been extended until 31 December 2020. To date almost $1m has been paid to Māori-owned SMEs.

Building a Better Business in 10 Steps

There’s no magic bullet to building a better business; it’s about taking small steps every day to get a bit better than the day before - it all adds up! Get in touch to find out more.

Restructuring or selling your business? We can help

With a completely different business landscape in front of us, business owners are under increasing strain. If you are being kept up at night deciding what the best strategy is, get in touch. We are here to help.

Setting sales targets

How do you set attainable sales targets in a crisis? We’ll talk you through your business aims, profit goals, and historic sales performance, to set targets that truly deliver on your goals.

Cutting costs or increasing your prices? We can help

With more than 85 percent of SMEs expecting a lower profit in the next nine months, the more prepared you can be for the unexpected, the better. Talk to us about smart ways to get your costs under control or whether you need to increase your prices. We share thoughts here.

Top tips for building a strong company culture

A strong company culture underpins all successful, resilient businesses. But how do you develop and maintain a good company culture? We share some This article has some top tips.

The difference between restructuring and redundancy

If your business is looking at restructuring and possible redundancies, you need to understand the difference so you can get the process right and avoid complications, delays, or personal grievance claims.

Managing debt in your small business

Debt is a business risk, but it is also a positive tool that is usually necessary to fund your growth. When debt levels grow, we can help you put a plan in place to manage it.

Get in control of cashflow

Does your business need to improve its cash position? Poor cashflow is a problem for many businesses, whether you’re a start-up or an established family business. Talk to us about how you can get proactive with cashflow management.

How NOT to manage working from home

How do you adapt the traditional working day to suit a remote workforce? The best place to start is to ask employees for their feedback. Here are some common practices that don't replicate to the home office.

How to run a better virtual meeting

Struggling with long virtual meetings? We all feel energised after an effective meeting, so keep your team productivity high by running better meetings.

Take some small steps to better wellbeing

Research shows that doing something (no matter how small) is the best way to manage anxiety. There is a lot we can’t control right now but there are also things you can. Here are some ideas.

Wage Subsidy audits – what you need to show

The Ministry of Social Development has a team of 120 auditors who are now auditing businesses on their use of Wages Subsidy payments.

Understanding working capital to maintain business success

Cash is oxygen for your business and measuring working capital is your regular health check to keep your business alive; especially in turbulent times.

Review your expenses – and save yourself money

Need to reinvent your expenses? We’ll review your current costs, find the expenses that could be cut, and will provide a proactive spend management programme to reduce your spending.

Create a one-page business plan

Need to revisit your business plan? We can help guide you through the threats and opportunities that lie ahead, with sound financial management at the core of your plan.

The fundamentals of a business budget

We believe having a budget is essential for business success. Talk to us about creating a useful budget in your accounting software as a practical business management tool. We’d love to help you start planning for a great 2021 financial year!

Slow payers cost you real money

Growing electronic connectivity between small businesses, accountants, and financial institutions coupled with cloud accounting and traditional methods will help your debtor management.

Tracking your online success with Google Analytics

Do you know how your website is performing, and where online visitors come from? If you are serious about exploring your online analytics, Google has courses that teach you the basics, so you can enhance your online presence.

Efficiency through automation

Technology can be transformative: improving leverage, consistency, efficiency, risk management, induction and training, scalability and saleability. What software have you adopted Post Covid as part of your Business Recovery Plan?

What are your critical numbers?

The Covid-19 crisis has created a ‘new normal’ for businesses. Traditional ways of working are being challenged and we now need to innovate, adapt, re-engineer, and reinvent the way we work.

Understanding your revenue drivers

How well do you understand your revenue drivers? We can help you review the numbers in your business, identify your revenue drivers, and will help you enhance your total revenue as a company.

Never has the entrepreneurial spirit had to burn brighter

They say never waste a good crisis… and, that if there is a better way to do something (think stale processes), find it now, when the fan is already covered in proverbial. 

The wage subsidy extension - what you need to know - closes 1 September 2020

Businesses affected by COVID-19 can apply for support through the Government’s wage subsidy scheme. Those still affected have until 11.59pm on 1 September 2020 to apply

Reinventing your product and service offering post-Covid

How will you innovate, re-engineer, adapt or widen your lane post-Covid? From tech adoption to product development and blowing up stale processes; a crisis forces change. How are you innovating for your business recovery?

11 Strategies to maximise your cash reserves

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the inadequacy of current cash reserves for many business owners - they simply don’t have enough cash to sustain the business in a crisis.

Support for commercial rent disputes

Many commercial lease arrangements in New Zealand have been affected by the response to COVID-19. Tenants may be unable to pay their rent as their business is not fully operating or generating sufficient income. Landlords may also be unable to meet their mortgage payments.

Wages Subsidy extension

The Government is extending the Wages Subsidy with applications opening on 10 June 2020.

How business debt hibernation can help your business

Business debt hibernation is a government initiative that helps companies, trusts, and other business entities affected by COVID-19 to manage the debts they currently have.

How to create a cash flow forecast for your business

A cash flow forecast is an important tool for business planning. And right now, understanding the cash coming in and going out of your business is vital.

How do you invoice during a crisis?

It’s not easy to request payment right now but it is important to keep cash flowing into your business. As with all business dealings at them moment, a little empathy and a lot of open communication can go a long way.

How to strengthen your supplier relationships

Keeping your relationships with suppliers positive is crucial if you rely on them to help you keep your customers satisfied. Here’s some suggestions to keep things on a steady course.

Cashflow and cost control crucial now

Keeping everything running is the priority for now, whether you’re in recovery or growth mode. Regular cashflow forecasts will help you make informed decisions. And controlling your costs will potentially free up cash. We share more here.

How a SWOT analysis can help your business

The more you understand about your business, your market and your competitors, the better prepared you are. A simple SWOT analysis can be an invaluable tool in your strategic armoury.

Business sustainability in uncertain times

What could your business look like from here? Can you streamline your setup for smooth, secure online interaction? Talk to us about building sustainability in your business.

Business structure – is it right for our ‘new normal’?

The challenges surrounding our current business environment caused through the COVID-19 pandemic has made many owners question whether the structure of their business is still fit for purpose.

Emerging from Covid-19 – what you should be considering now

As New Zealand moves down the COVID-19 alert levels businesses face a long transition period from the unknown to the ‘new normal’.

Ways to improve business performance

Here are 10 tips to improve your business performance. Eliminate distractions and bad customers, get a plan, use tech, deploy marketing and understand your business numbers. 

Encouraging prompt payment

Keeping on top of your invoicing requires a proactive strategy. Sometimes it just takes a phone call. Here’s some other tips:

The value of cashflow forecasting during a crisis

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many sectors are seeing income either disappear completely or drop to dangerous levels.

Plan now for your business continuity

Having a plan to deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be critical to business survival.