Bruce Stormer

Why having a shareholders’ or partnership agreement is vital

Going into business with your brother, best mate, your parent or with business colleagues is exciting but also has the potential to end badly. An agreement in place at the outset helps identify all the worst-case scenarios so that should a dispute arise or the unexpected happen, you’ve already agreed on the best way to handle things. We share more here.

Three Tree Landscaping | Kick starting in Covid

Stefan Curry leapt into starting his own business Three Tree Landscaping one month before the Covid-19 pandemic put NZ into lockdown.

What are your numbers telling you? How to grow your business using your financials

Too many New Zealand business people are missing the potential to grow their business by not learning to understand what their numbers are telling them.

Catch Design Ltd | A design company’s values create goodwill

It was Hamish Stevenson’s ‘can- do’ attitude that helped launch his career as a freelance designer in 2004. 

Needs More Cushions | Style with soul inspires ethical business

Three years ago Jill McKenzie started a blog to indulge her cushion obsession. Today her passion for pillows has morphed into a start-up selling ethical interiors with a truly global story.