Callum Hayde – building relationships to help businesses thrive

Markhams Otago’s newest director Callum Hayde believes he has the experience ‘on both sides’ to understand his clients and their needs: as a chartered accountant and advisor and as business director who in the past year has faced the challenges of Covid-19.

Before joining us in October, Callum spent six years as Director of Business for John McGlashan College, the prestigious boy’s secondary boarding school in Dunedin. His role was many and varied covering finance, HR, payroll, health and safety and property management.

While the teaching side of the operation was covered by Government assistance during this year’s pandemic lockdown and aftermath, the standalone boarding school business faced a tough time that required careful strategic decision making to lead it through the challenges. The business, employing more than 20 staff, had modified its catering model earlier in the year and with Callum’s expert financial analysis and advice, its continued viability when students finally returned was ensured.

Thinking that it was time to consider new opportunities, Callum looked to resume his chartered accountancy career and thought Markhams was the right fit. He had risen to the rank of manager over eight years at Crowe Horwath in Dunedin before he’d joined his family business in 2012. His father Denis had operated Dunedin Training Centre for 20 years.

As managing director, Callum worked to ready the business for sale. “I’d realised that it wasn’t the right fit for me long term,” he says. A trades training organisation that his tradie Dad had started, it offered training for young people and long-term beneficiaries needing a hand up. “It was a good opportunity to experience succession planning first hand and work with Dad to create a strategic exit plan.”

Now Callum is back on the other side of the desk, sharing his skills, knowledge, and experience with Markhams Otago clients.

“I’m keen to spend quality time with my clients, getting to know them and understand what they’re wanting to achieve with their businesses.

“I can totally relate to the pressures they are under in this new world we find ourselves in. Keeping a close eye on financial information, establishing good budgets for the future, and responding promptly if targets aren’t met, that’s imperative,” he says. “It’s also very important to have a good cash flow and communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and staff to ensure a business owner gets the best results.

“I’m here to help my clients achieve all this.”