A Flexible and Supportive Work Environment

A Flexible and Supportive Work Environment

Moore Markhams

Stevie Mark’s journey with Moore Markhams is a testament to the flexibility of the network, giving individuals the opportunity to work abroad, whilst pursuing their travel dreams.
Although Stevie’s career with Moore Markhams began in the Wellington office, she always had ambitions to travel abroad and explore everything our world has to offer. Fortunately, Moore Markhams was able to provide Stevie with flexible working arrangements, allowing her to fully immerse herself abroad whilst still being engaged with client work. Stevie is currently back in New Zealand, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to share her most recent journey before the next one begins.

  "My previous working arrangement with Moore Markhams was very flexible. I’d been lucky enough to work remotely for the past 12 months after completing my Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification. Even though I was working abroad, I was able to fully-service my clients whilst exploring new places and engaging myself in the culture of each place I visit."

Working abroad presented many challenges for Stevie. However, this was an environment in which she thrived. Stevie had to contend with an ever-present hunt for stable Wi-Fi, changing time-zones, as well as attending to client work in accordance with their timeframes. With clear planning, open communication and a little flexibility, Stevie was able to travel and still provide clients in New Zealand with her full attention.

  "The Wellington office has been excellent with all communication. I’m often in and out of phone reception and have limited internet access. Fortunately, a lot of the base information is there for me, ready to go. Meetings are scheduled around times that work for both parties, with clear deadlines in place before the project starts. Nothing beats clear communication."

Stevie’s journey with Moore Markhams exemplifies the network’s dedication to fostering a flexible and supportive work environment that enables employees to pursue their personal and professional aspirations. Through a progressive, innovative remote working arrangement and clear communication channels, Moore Markhams has empowered Stevie to travel the world while continuing to excel in her career.

The network’s commitment to individual growth and development showcases the possibilities that arise when organisations prioritise flexibility and open communication in their workplace culture.
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