You don’t have to always be on call

In this connected world we live in, 24-hour work access can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Working from any place you like with Wi-Fi means you can read that report sitting on the beach or take a Skype call at the bottom of a ski slope, and at all hours of the day. How did we ever manage to do business between 8am and 6pm 20 years ago?

The problem with this style of working is our Smartphones can become a ball and chain and our work hours can become blurred so it seems we are always on call. Yet many of us are reluctant to turn off our phones for fear of being needed or being seen as not committed to the job.

Here are 5 things you can do to sever the connection and get back to reasonable ‘on call’ hours.

  1. Turn off alerts and notifications on your phone so they don’t disturb you. If you need to keep your phone with you, answer calls only, not emails.
  2. Only respond to true emergencies. Tell the team you will answer their call after hours only if they can’t deal with it themselves. Do you have to be involved?
  3. Allocate some weekend work time if needed but don’t go over it. Try and get it out of the way early on so you can spend the rest of the time doing something more enjoyable.
  4. Keep away from your email if you find yourself with nothing much to do. Go and find something!
  5. Only ever respond to emails from your phone during business hours. This will help set a precedent.

It’s important to separate your work life from your home life. Everyone needs some downtime to recharge and you are no different.

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