Why Facebook is still right for business

There’s some talk that Facebook is on the way out and being replaced by other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram. But as with any business decision, consider the data – recent statistics show that Facebook has actually grown more in the last year than any year since 2012 (17 percent). Add to this that Facebook adverts can also run on Instagram, and that as a platform it remains the easiest and more effective social media platform for a small business to advertise on.

Why the continued growth? Facebook is the best social media channel for a range of different media types – video, pictures, text and web links. Which in turn makes it really powerful as a search engine optimisation tool for your website by sharing website links and blog posts.

Of course, it comes down to what platform suits your company. Instagram might be spot on if you’re in food or fashion; SnapChat could have serious appeal if you’re running events. Overall though, Facebook remains a strong starting point for small business, and if you haven’t utilised it for your business yet – you might want to think about it.



Published winter 2017.

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