What does social media hold for business in 2018?


Markhams Otago held an exclusive seminar for its clients on 15 March on “What Does Social Media Hold for Businesses in 2018” where leading digital marketing expert Philippa Crick presented a one-hour informative session.

Social media has dramatically changed the way we interact, network, collaborate, shop, consume and share information. Businesses who ignore social media are losing out on what today has become one of the premium marketing channels. The outward cost to set up social media is free. The hidden cost is the time and expertise it takes to ensure you maximise your social media presence. It is imperative for Business Owners / Managers / Marketing Staff to understand the principles for long-term success.

In this one-hour seminar delivered by a leading social media expert, participants learned about:

  • The importance of developing a social media strategy – Important trends across the major social media platforms
  • Best practice examples






Presenter Philippa Crick is a leading Digital Marketing Expert and is the Director of the digital marketing agency, Cre8ive and founder of Get Social, the training side of the agency. Philippa is passionate about empowering business people to understand and embrace social media effectively. A regular keynote speaker for conferences and events, Philippa is also the Marketing Trainer for the Otago Southland Employers Association and a Biz Mentor.

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