The twelve habits of a top performer

So you want to be a top performer?  You can, and as author Paul Rulkens writes in his book The Power of Preeminence, it starts with a mindset that translates into things that you do.

There are twelve habits that make a top performer:

  1. Focus on what matters. Spend your efforts on the 20% of things that matter rather than the 80% that probably don’t need your help.
  2. Know the difference between important and urgent.
  3. Plan your to-do list, meetings and appointments, noting what you want to get out of each of them.
  4. Be able to find what you need: get help getting organised if you don’t have a system.
  5. Have a set routine that allows you to skip decisions each day such as what to wear, what to do for lunch and other mundane things.
  6. Use those pockets of ten minutes that pop up occasionally to stay productive. Answer emails or return calls but don’t idle them away.
  7. Attend only well-organised meetings with purpose and skip the rest. You can be caught up later if needed.
  8. Avoid procrastination at all costs. The sooner the task is started, the sooner it’s finished.
  9. Don’t be a perfectionist with everything; some things will never be so.
  10. Allow gaps in your schedule: time to think, to catch up or to simply let any pressure go.
  11. Multi task where you can if you need to, as long as it’s not detrimental to the tasks at hand.
  12. Know when to quit something. If it doesn’t need you, move along to something that does.


Tip: Share these habits with your team and see what they can add, then circulate the full list for everyone to take advantage of.

Serious about your success?