Photo of Paul Rickerby

Paul Rickerby

CA (PP), B.Com



Paul Rickerby has been a director of Moore Stephens Markhams Christchurch Limited since 2004 and is the immediate past chairman of Moore Stephens Markhams New Zealand Limited.

Paul enjoys helping businesses succeed and has experience in a wide range of industries, with particular expertise in the contracting and construction, transport, manufacturing and pharmacy sectors, as well as assisting clients with strategy, structuring, succession planning, valuation and general business advisory experience.

Married to Andrea, he spends his spare time cycling, skiing and racing an RX-7 with fellow director Graeme Rhodes.


What’s your most essential tool of the trade? Cell phone.

What motivates you when the going gets tough? Doing the right thing.

Intellect, willpower or technology – what’s most important for an accountant? Intellect.

Most unforgettable piece of advice? If you don’t measure you can’t manage, or, if the window pane is wet – it’s probably raining.

Best moment of your career? Helping clients improve profits and reach their goals.

What’s the number-one key to success in business? Being organised.

Calculator or mental arithmetic? Spreadsheet …

What got you started in accountancy? I couldn’t get into law …

Did you love mathematics as a child? Blimey … is that possible?

Favourite local haunt? Baretta.

Essential Christchurch must-see when you’re playing tour guide for out-of-town friends? Road to Sumner (rollercoaster)

Favourite outside-the-office pastime? Cycling/race car.

Can’t live without… Food.

Serious about your success?