Photo of Belinda Canton

Belinda Canton

CA (PP), B.Com



Belinda Canton came on board with Moore Stephens Markhams Christchurch as a Director in 2008, bringing with her a strong background in taxation consulting, built up over years working in a big four accountancy firm.

Belinda is also accomplished in business advisory, succession planning, restructuring and risk management, and has particular expertise in taxation issues surrounding property development.

Outside the office, Belinda enjoys catching up with friends.

Q & A

What’s your most essential tool of the trade? Sense of humour.

What motivates you when the going gets tough? Chocolate.

Intellect, willpower or technology – what’s most important for an accountant? Willpower.

Most unforgettable piece of advice? Life is too short to dance with ugly people.

Best moment of your career? Becoming an owner in a practice.

What’s the number-one key to success in business? Surround yourself with people who know what they are doing.

Calculator or mental arithmetic? Calculator – brain too full to do mental arithmetic.

What got you started in accountancy? I needed a holiday job.

Did you love mathematics as a child? Hell no!

Favourite local haunt? Club 42 Ohoka – with all our friends and neighbours.

Essential Christchurch must-see when you’re playing tour guide for out-of-town friends? The Ranch at Ohoka.

Favourite outside-the-office pastime? Family.

Can’t live without… Chocolate!

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