Take a break in routine – get out and about

Take a breakOur daily lives are full of routine: routine from the moment we get up, and generally until we go to sleep again at night. Yes our days can vary – customers seen, problems solved and presentations delivered – but generally our lives follow the same path each working day.

What would happen if you broke your routine even for just a couple of days? Who would you bump into if you had coffee in a different cafe, if you picked the kids up from school instead of your partner, if you contacted an old acquaintance for lunch or filled up with fuel at a different service station?

Each time you change your routine by being someplace else, you are opening up the possibility for new opportunities to arise. But you have to have your eyes open to see them.

Think about how you met your latest client or newest staff member. Recall the sequence of events: who was involved, what happened, and where were you? How did it all come to be? You saw the subtle signs; you were receptive to what was going on at the time and, more importantly, you acted on them.

Taking yourself out of your daily work routine can have the same effect: you see new things and hear new conversations, triggering something in your head by way of confirmation.

It doesn’t happen at your desk – you need to get out and mix things up for it to take effect.

Summer 2014

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