Accounting software supported

At Moore Markhams we’re across cloud-based accounting technology and understand how it can be used to meet your business’ specific needs.

Our offices provide support for the following key software products:

  Auckland Waverley Wanganui Hawke's Bay Wairarapa Wellington Queenstown Dunedin
Accredo   Yes Yes          
ACE Payroll Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Banklink Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
CashManager Yes Yes Yes Yes     Yes Yes
Cash Manager Focus   Yes Yes Yes Yes      
Cashmanager RURAL   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Easybooks   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Figured   Yes Yes Yes Yes      
Forecast 5       Yes Yes   Yes Yes
iPayroll Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes      
MUSAC             Yes Yes
Moneyworks             Yes Yes
MYOB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PaySauce         Yes      
New Zealand Payroll (Xero) Yes     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reckon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SmartPayroll Yes     Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Spotlight Reporting       Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Thank You Payroll       Yes     Yes Yes
Xero Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Accredo-Moore-Markhams-(2).pngPurpose-designed for growing New Zealand SMEs, Accredo Saturn and Accredo Mercury is accounting software that have a breadth and depth of functionality and are exceptionally easy to use and understand - and easy to buy and install. Accredo Mercury is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses operating from a single location. Accredo Saturn is suited to businesses of all sizes operating from more than one location, branch or department.

ACE Payroll

ACE-Payroll-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngEasy to use, low cost software with great support, Ace Payroll makes tax easy; from emailing payslips, easily sending deductions, paying wages through your bank, monitoring staff turnover to lodging returns electronically. It makes tax compliance a breeze, learning complicated tax rules and manual IRD tax tables becomes a thing of the past with electronic systems.


MYOB-Banklink-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngBankLink automates and streamlines the accounting process for over 4,500 accounting practices and 320,000 small business clients across New Zealand and Australia. BankLink provides accounting practices with reliable, timely, and accurate client transaction data from over 100 financial institutions along with a range of software tools tailored to the needs and accounting abilities of small businesses.


Cash-Manager-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngCashManager is a business accounting software available in four options depending on the level of your business need – Lite, Standard, Plus and Online. The online version can be used on PC or Mac and provides your accountant with access in real time to check your accounts and transactions.

Cash Manager Focus

Cash-Manager-Focus-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngCash Manager Focus is the more intuitive next generation of Cashmanager RURAL. It’s tailored to manage farm financials and aid in increasing productivity on farm. Access the latest data anytime, anywhere. Easy to invite your business partners and advisers to view your information. Your data is stored securely online – no need for backups and no risk of losing information.

Cashmanager RURAL

Cash-Manager-RURAL-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngThis is a financial software option that meets the financial and physical management needs of a wide range of different farm types. Cashmanager RURAL online gives you the flexibility to have a secretary or accounting clerk look after your transactions for you. They can download and code all your transactions from bank statements, trading company statements and BankLink. Farmers or farm managers can view and work on their information at any time. Online data is safely stored to corporate standards.


Easy-Books-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngDesigned in New Zealand to comply with our unique GST and tax laws, EasyBooks is priced for small businesses needing a quick, simple computer package to keep accurate records of receipts and payments. Importing directly from your bank account ensures accurate results, reduced data entry. Integration with major general ledger systems allows for greater flexibility. A range of software products are available depending on your business needs.


Figured-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngFigured is a farm financial management solution that helps you farm on the front foot. It gives you everything you need to make immediate and future-focused farming decisions. Livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tools work with Xero enabling you to confidently plan and reforecast with real time information when conditions change.  Figured plus Xero ensures you know exactly where the farming operation stands, and where it’s heading.

Forecast 5

Forecast5-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngThis software offers accurate forecasting to help plan for business growth and success while managing the present. Sage Financial Forecasting is a flexible forecasting solution for all businesses allowing you to produce extremely detailed and accurate forecasts quickly and easily, eliminating the time consuming task of creating spreadsheets.


iPayroll-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngThis internet payroll service developed for New Zealand businesses keeps your records, does your banking and pays your staff, PAYE and KiwiSaver all in one go. The website is clear and easy. Your business will have its own secure payroll website, all of your information is stored in secured computer systems and all messages are encrypted using the same high-security encryption techniques used by banks and other organisations. Unlike a tradition payroll bureau, with iPayroll you have full online access to all of your information.

MUSAC - financial management package

MUSAC-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngMUSAC is a Ministry of Education accredited vendor of school administration software. The financial management package records financial transactions and generates reports, it is designed to meet management, auditing and end of year requirements for a wide range of schools and clubs.


Money-Works-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngThis is easy to use, flexible, and powerful information software that won't restrict you as your business grows in size. As well as providing fast and timely financial and management reports, it adapts to your changing workflows, operates with your other systems and grows with your business. Accounts can be structured to match your business and protects the integrity of your data by providing concrete audit trails. Designed so you have low overall running costs, the software is fast and efficient, ensuring staff time is not wasted. Software options include, cashbook and general ledger, order entry, names database and contact management, multiple currency, reporting and sales analysis.


MYOB-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngNew Zealand's largest provider of business management solutions provides tax, accounting, payroll, inventory, and other services to small and medium businesses. With a suite of subscription based products, desktop software and cloud-based solutions MYOB can help manage your invoicing, expenses, GST, cashflow and inventory all in one place.


Pay-Sauce-Moore-Markhams.pngPaySauce takes care of the trickiest parts of payroll, with automation of employee data, digital timesheets, and secure transactions and filing. It has direct integrations with major banks and Inland Revenue. From one employee to hundreds, PaySauce will scale as you do. The simple, accessible design is underpinned by the freedom and adaptability of cloud-based technology.

New Zealand Payroll (Xero)

Xero-Moore-Markhams-(2).pngXero’s online payroll software and mobile app, makes payday straight-forward for small businesses that is easy to implement and use from anywhere. There’s no need to install annual updates. Information from New Zealand Payroll flows seamlessly to the general ledger with journals automatically created.

Reckon (formerly Quicken and Quickbooks)

Reckon-(1).pngReckon Business Solutions provide a wealth of QuickBooks products that help facilitate everything from basic accounting and payroll management to estimating, time tracking and multi-national reporting. The Personal range helps individuals take control of their personal finance, operate a home business and invest for the future. Retail point of sale software takes care of sales, stock management and customer tracking in a single interface and is integrated with the right QuickBooks software for your business.


Smart-Payroll-(1).pngSmartPayroll is designed to make payroll processing easy and affordable for small-to-medium sized New Zealand businesses. It makes paying wages and managing employee information a much simpler task. It offers an easy to use interface, great support and a wealth of handy features.

Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngSpotlight Reporting provides a suite of powerful reporting tools that enable strategic planning, goal setting, budgeting, forecasting. It allows multi entities to aggregate, rank and benchmark easily. It seamlessly imports financial and non-financial date and allows you to visually see what’s really happening within the business performance. And ‘spotlights’ what needs to be done.

Thank You Payroll

Thankyou-Payroll-Moore-Markhams-(1).pngCalculates and processes your pay, including all tax obligations at little or no cost to you. This service is subsidised by IRD. Ideal for small businesses, all you need to do is enter your employee's hours into Thankyou Payroll’s online timesheet, transfer the total from the dashboard to our trust account and we take care of the rest. Integrates fully with Xero online accounting software.


Xero-Platinum-Partner-Moore-Markhams-(2).pngThe Xero online cloud-based accounting software is designed for small and medium-sized businesses (as well as for personal finances) that gives you access to your financial information anytime, anywhere. Your important financial data is stored securely in one central place. Xero provides financial confidence and clarity to small business owners and their advisors in real-time so you can monitor your financial performance and always know the state of your cashflow. Xero provides full accrual accounting, including a cashbook with automated daily banks feeds, invoicing, debtors, creditors, expense reimbursement, GST and reporting.