Rest, replenish, recover – how to do this when running a business

Athletes do it, writers do it, actors all do it – they take time to recover after a big event or project, and you need to do the same. “But I’m running a business daily, how can I do that?” you ask. Simple. By doing it at intervals.

With your everyday work commitments your brain rarely gets time to rest and reset itself and the result is creativity, productivity and energy levels can drop like a stone. When this happens you’re no use to anyone, so avoid it happening to you by following these three steps:

  1. Daily rest – Schedule in a lunch break, even if it’s just twenty minutes. Leave your office and go outside to eat and enjoy a change of air while you do so. Better still, take thirty to sixty minutes and fit in a walk when you have finished eating – take time to look around and notice your surroundings. By getting out of your workspace, you will instantly stimulate the more creative side of you.
  2. Weekly rest – Make time for reflection: a time to get thoughts and ideas that have happened during the week into a journal perhaps, or ‘download’ during your commute home. You may want to record your thoughts on your smartphone, or chat to yourself as you think things through while exercising. Either way, ‘downloading’ is a great way to get things off your chest.
  3. Monthly rest – if you can’t go away for one weekend each month, commit to one full day each weekend that you do absolutely no work at all. Better yet, add in a local adventure and go and do something completely new such as a hike, or visit another city or try another sport. The newness brings energy and creativity again, so adding something new to your life will be a good thing.


When writers have completed writing a book, they say they need to replenish the well. Your ‘well’ needs replenishing regularly, so take the time to do what you can, when you can. You’ll be more productive because of it.

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