Procrastination = Lack of motivation

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”

Elizabeth Taylor

For many, the holidays are now well and truly over and the stark reality of being back at work is hard. With the sun shining brightly outside, it’s difficult not to reflect back on the great surfing you were doing this time last week or the fun family gatherings at the bach. It’s a hard jolt but back to work it is.

The problem is, as you sit at your desk, you’re not in the mood, you’re not working anywhere near at full speed, you’re procrastinating and little is getting done. Procrastination occurs when your motivation is lacking – like now – but if you want to keep your job, you’d better get a move on.

Here are some simple ideas to spark your motivation and kick procrastination to the curb:

  • Freshen up your surroundings – clear your desk, move your desk, change offices if you can, move your monitor to face a different direction, buy a pot plant, change your direct workplace however you can to revitalise it and you.
  • Work on your To-Do list – we all have one, but mark out each day the 5 things you simply MUST do before you leave and get them done. Do the same tomorrow, and the day after that and so on.
  • Treat yourself – if a 4pm chocolate break where you take 10 minutes and sit in the sunshine is your motivation, go and do it. Time spent to refocus is time well spent.
  • Set some clear goals – what do you need to do today, this week and this month? Reward yourself when you achieve them.
  • Finish early – you’ll probably have to start early in order to finish early and you might find the quiet time before everyone else arrives helps get things done.

Procrastination hits us all at some time, so find what it is that will activate your motivation again and you’ll see procrastination become a thing of the past.

Serious about your success?