Pink Ribbon Bake off 2016

On Friday 27th May the Christchurch office held their annual Pink Ribbon Bake Off.  The purpose of the bake off is to help raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to improve the survivorship of breast cancer in New Zealand.

With a total of six teams competing, the Accounting team led by the five Directors and the Business Support team lead by the General Manager, there was weeks of strategic planning and hours of baking by all teams.

Each team was judged on three criteria – keeping to theme, creativity and most importantly taste.  We invited Tess and Sam, from Receivables Management to be impartial judges to ensure there was no favouritism or back office dealings! The day came and with the team all dressed in pink, we were all overwhelmed by the awesome baking – both sweet and savoury – presented for judging.  Tess and Sam had a tough job, but took it all in their stride and after much tasting and deliberation the winning team was announced.

Judging was very close, but the 2015 champs – team GFR – were not able to retain their title, with the trophy going to the Business Support Team this year! The bake off provides some great team spirit and wonderful morning tea delights, but we must not forget the key reason for this event is for us to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

This year, we invited the other tenants in our building to come along and join us for morning tea, and to donate to this great cause.  We were delighted in the response, and are thrilled that with their help we raised a total of $ 661.30 to donate to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

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