Our website is now a place of refuge

On the bottom right of our website is a shield icon which, once pressed, provides a powerful resource to help end domestic violence.

The shield, from the Women’s Refuge, provides victims of domestic violence access to a shielded portal through which they can contact the Women’s Refuge. There they can find out how to plan to safely get out of a dangerous situation, learn how to stay safe online and get answers to questions about what comes next – all without fear of it showing up in their browser history for anyone else to find.

As auditors of the Women’s Refuge in Wairarapa, we see just how important their service is to those affected by domestic violence. By supporting the shielded site on our website, we hope to help bring an end to domestic violence.

More information on the shielded site project is at https://shielded.co.nz/

Published Autumn 2019.

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