Nordic tax records

It’s often considered taboo to ask other people how much they earn. So what would you do if you could look up how much your colleagues, neighbours and friends make, all legally, online and for free? Well this is what happens in some Nordic countries!

Norway has had an ‘open salary policy’ since 1863, when they used to publish individual’s tax returns and post them to the walls of the local town hall.

This practice continued, and until recently, Norwegians could anonymously request certain information about other taxpayers. The information is limited to the total income earned, and total tax paid by the taxpayer – there is no breakdown of amounts received from different income categories.

This understandably led to several concerns, so when Norway’s right-wing government took office in 2013, they addressed these worries by tightening the rules. Now, people still have the right to request tax information about other individuals, however the person whose name is targeted is sent an email telling them who has been checking up on them.

This loss of anonymity has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the amount of searches people have been making, falling from 16.5 million per year to 2.15 million.

Donald Trump is likely to be relieved he doesn’t live in Norway….

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