New Associate enjoying global growth opportunities

Moore Markhams Auckland’s new associate, Anson Lam is thriving on the opportunities her role is providing her. Anson was appointed an associate of the Auckland firm in April.

A tale of two halves for Auckland suburban legal firms

Overall, the Auckland legal sector has remained buoyant through the past few years of Covid disruption. This is one of the insights from the 2021 Moore Markhams Auckland legal practitioners’ performance survey just released. Read more here.

Latest on Property Tax Rules

On Tuesday 28 September, the Government released the draft legislation outlining the details of the policy limiting the deductibility of interest costs for residential property investments.

How family-held businesses can thrive generation after generation

A well-designed family-held business succession plan can articulate the vision and values of the founders and help ensure a smooth transition to the next generation. From our experience, many leave succession planning too late. We share some of the key questions that a family should be asking if it wants its business to thrive from one generation to the next.

Moore Markhams strength grows in New Zealand

The Moore Markhams group has been strengthened with a new Christchurch member firm joining our national business advisory and audit network.

Election outcome and tax policies

Labour has ruled out a capital gains tax and an increase in fuel taxes but is prepared to introduce a Digital Services Tax to target multinational digital businesses who have taken advantage of tax structuring options.

Adopting an Atomic Habits mindset

James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, is a Gamechanger. If you struggle to make habits stick, stop focusing on habit outcomes and consciously adapt your identity to be the person that aligns with your habit.

Emerging from Covid-19 – what you should be considering now

As New Zealand moves down the COVID-19 alert levels businesses face a long transition period from the unknown to the ‘new normal’.

Budget 2020 Rebuilding Together – our take

Touted as a once in a generation Budget, yesterday the Government announced a $50 billion COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, $20 billion of which remains uncommitted and will be allocated in the months to come. This fund builds on top of the initial $12.1 billion package, and the $12 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme announced in January.

Moving into level 2 – what you need to know

From 11.59pm on Wednesday 13 May, New Zealand moves into Level 2. Here’s some key points.

Out of office? Be on alert: tips to protect your business information

Working from home? The commute’s a breeze, the pantry is on tap and you haven’t ironed a business shirt in weeks. But don’t drop your guard just yet.  Now that you’re working outside your controlled office environment you need to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your business information.

Reference links for COVID-19 information

We have pulled together links to websites and information to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Tax relief packages for SMEs

The Government has announced (April 15) a further set of tax proposals to help businesses manage the impacts of COVID-19.  In summary:

Encouraging prompt payment

Keeping on top of your invoicing requires a proactive strategy. Sometimes it just takes a phone call. Here’s some other tips:

The value of cashflow forecasting during a crisis

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many sectors are seeing income either disappear completely or drop to dangerous levels.

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) explained

You might have been contacted by your bank to fill in a form enquiring about your CRS status. In simple terms, CRS stands for Common Reporting Standard.

Dire implications for late tax payments

If you pay your provisional tax one day late you come out of what is called the Safe Harbour scheme.

Tax changes worth noting

There have been several tax changes recently. Some of the important ones are listed here:

Wage subsidy is not part of sales

If you’ve received a wage subsidy, don’t treat it as being part of sales.

Plan now for your business continuity

Having a plan to deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be critical to business survival.

COVID-19 – paying your employees on the wage subsidy

If you have applied for or have received the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, you must still undertake best endeavours to pay the employees named in your application, at least 80 percent of their usual wages.

COVID-19 economic response package and you

The rapid escalation of New Zealand’s official response to COVID-19 is having impact on our business community - in some cases, it’s already significant. We believe that business owners and managers, ourselves included, will find dealing with the coming months challenging.  We want to assure you that we are here to support you.

A clearly defined and thoughtful business strategy is key for pharmacy success

The tightening commercial pressures of an increasingly competitive market has seen pharmacy owners become more strategic and innovative in their business decision-making.

Benchmarking confirms our credibility as a business advisor

Moore Markhams advisors regularly encourage clients to use benchmarking as a tool to identify ways to improve performance.

Looking for business funding? We can help

Applying for funding is tough. Ensure you have all the data to prove the viability of your business, in order to secure the support. We have the experience and tools to help with your funding drive.

What is influencer marketing?

With more choice than ever in consumer goods, brands are turning to individuals who promote to their large social media fan base. Called influencer marketers they may not be famous but have a huge online fan base.  

Becoming a mentor

If you’ve got experience in business, there are others out there who want to learn from you. Passing on your business knowledge to help another person succeed can be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

The cost of a new employee

It's a big decision to commit to having a new member on the team but the right person will drive your business forward or give you more time in your day. Here’s help to identify the costs.

Insuring your business

When it comes to business, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Protecting your business with the right insurance policy can guard against risk and compensate for any losses. Have the right policies and review them annually.

Identify growth opportunities

Business growth doesn’t need to mean more risk, more hours and more headaches. To be successful, start by identifying the opportunities for growth in your business and industry. Then take the first step to achieving it.

Calling time on cheques

IR received more than 430,000 cheques last financial year. ACC received around 25,000 cheques from business customers. From March 2020, they say ‘no more’. Read their plans to help customers switch to alternatives.

Until debt tear us apart

Don’t procrastinate on the collection of your debtors! The longer you leave it, the harder it becomes to get paid. Get in touch to review your payment terms and find out how you can get paid faster.