Are you aware of the low-value asset threshold change?

We want to alert you to a low-value threshold change that comes into effect on 17 March.

Demystifying your Balance Sheet

Unclear on the story your Balance Sheet tells? Don’t know how to calculate key ratios to measure the strength of your business? We can help demystify your Balance Sheet. The stronger it is, the stronger your business will be.

Don’t let your passport expire

Even if you’re not planning on travelling, having an official document with your photo is very important, particularly to meet AML/CFT requirements.

Calling time on cheques

IR received more than 430,000 cheques last financial year. ACC received around 25,000 cheques from business customers. From March 2020, they say ‘no more’. Read their plans to help customers switch to alternatives.

Company record keeping

We share a reminder of the legal requirements from the Companies Act 1993 (section 189). The Act requires that a company must keep the following documents at its registered office:

Take the drama out of end-of-year

The end of the financial year can be either stressful or a seamless part of what you do. Ideally, your end-of-year accounts will confirm what you think your business has been doing for the past 12 months.

Are you in charge of keeping the office or work-site safe?

Locking the doors is one thing but you need to take extra steps to ensure your workplace is safe and secure these holidays. The last thing you want is for someone to access your work space and hurt themselves.