October 2019

Male dominance of law firm ownership soon to become more balanced | Survey Report 2019

Women are set to ‘break the glass ceiling’ into legal firm partnership in far greater numbers in the near future, according to a recent survey of Auckland law firms.‚Äč

Establishing an advisory structure for your small business

Running a business is hard, but there’s no reason to go it alone. Setting up an advisory board or finding the right mentor to advise you, can help you grow your business. Talk to us about your advisory structure.

Why you need to forecast your cash flow

Need to get a grip on your cash flow? We’ll help you tailor your accounting set-up and cash flow forecasting tools to reveal your future cash position.

Cost management and cutting your expenses

Want to slash your operating costs? We’ll help you to track, monitor and manage your company’s spending – giving you the information you need to get in control of your costs.

Looking for business funding? We can help

Applying for funding is tough. Ensure you have all the data to prove the viability of your business, in order to secure the support. We have the experience and tools to help with your funding drive.

Happy customers, happy bottom line

If customers are unhappy, they’ll leave you for one of your competitors. Customer satisfaction is important to any business, but the earlier you are in the growth of your business, the more critical it is to ensure that your early customers are highly satisfied.

Do you have a client scheduling procedure?

Booking appointments is necessary in any business, but do you have an effective and organised process? 

Employee benefits and the link to staff engagement

Are your employee benefits in need of a refresh? A happy team is for good business. We can help you create the ideal benefits package.

Building a better business in 10 Steps

What are you doing to build yourself a more successful business? There’s no magic bullet, it’s about taking small steps every day to get a bit better than the day before - it all adds up.

Automation can ease your business workload

Are you drowning in business admin? Automation is the answer. We’ll help you identify automation opportunities and choose the best apps to drive an efficient business.

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