If you want to succeed in business, understand that Cash is King

Your business can’t survive without cash. In business, cash is king.  The following six take aways are essential for business success:

  1. Protect your cash position, by knowing what it is. Build a cash flow statement and always keep it up to date. If you foresee a shortfall, start at once to fix it.

  2. Create a cash buffer as an insurance against unexpected difficulties.

  3. Protect your cash position against revenue shocks, by maintaining a balance equivalent to at least two months of operating expenses.

  4. Be realistic with revenue expectations. Act now if it looks like sales are not going to get you to breakeven.

  5. Credit checking up front will reduce the risk of customer non-payment. Follow up with clear payment terms agreed in writing. Communicate regularly with customers. And automate where possible.

  6. Every dollar you spend reduces cash reserves. The best way to protect your cash is to create a budget for the spend you know you need, and stick to it.

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