Trident Homes Tauranga | Distance no barrier for successful home company

Trident Homes Tauranga | Distance no barrier for successful home company

Although the Trident Homes Tauranga franchise is based in the Bay of Plenty, the relationship with Moore Markhams Wanganui, which began 24 years ago, is still thriving today.

Trident is owned by the Minnell family: brothers Wayne and Keith together with their wives Glenis and Allison. Originally from Whanganui, they owned the city’s PlaceMakers business for four years before moving to Tauranga in 1997, to open PlaceMakers there, a joint venture with construction giant, Fletchers. In 2012, the family sold PlaceMakers back to Fletchers and together took on the franchise for Trident Homes, a group home building company.

“After 19 years in the PlaceMakers business it was time for a change,” says Wayne. “At the time Trident was a brand new company and we got on board with five other franchisees. The company’s ethos is that its franchisees must be trade certified builders and successful business people in their own right. I am a trade certified builder and we were very well known in the market – after nearly 20 years at PlaceMakers there’s not much I don’t know about building!”

In the five years it’s been in business, Trident Homes Tauranga has built new homes of every size, from 90m2 to 480m2. The company has its own in-house architect, and designs and builds around 27 homes each year in its ‘patch’ – Whakatane, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty – the latter a high growth area.

“We cover the entire market in terms of size and design. While we have standard plans, 99 percent of the homes we build are bespoke – designed to suit a client’s lifestyle or to suit a particular site. As sections get smaller and land value rises, our clients rely on us to find creative solutions to build something unique and interesting and, of course, within budget,” he explains.

Wayne says the relationship with Moore Markhams in Whanganui has been longstanding, despite a change in his location.

“Rex McKinnon was our Markhams man at the start of our association, and it was he who guided us through the beginnings of the joint venture with Fletchers. In today’s world you can work remotely easily enough, and I think it’s better to stick with people you know and who understand your business.

“Moore Markhams Wanganui advisor James Bowen has been an invaluable resource for us, particularly when we had PlaceMakers and the intricacies of working with a giant like Fletchers, when you need a good accountant. James was at the forefront during that time and supported us well with advice and financial management.”

The Minnells meet with James regularly and say he is only a phone call away for any urgent queries or to run ideas past him.

“We’ve had a positive, longstanding relationship with the firm, and James and the team have done a lot for us. They’re fantastic.”