March 2019

The Four Regions Trust | Investment growth that benefits the community

Investments made by the Four Regions Trust, formerly the Powerco Wanganui Trust, have grown substantially thanks to the governance of a skilled team.

Think hard about passwords

Are your computers satisfactorily password protected? Similarly, if someone got hold of your computer, could they easily access your bank account? If you have memorised usernames and passwords, are bank accounts still adequately protected?

What exactly is blockchain? What does cryptocurrency mean for my business?

Blockchain is like a block of strong boxes with glass fronts – the contents are visible but totally secure. 

Team continuing to grow to service Wairarapa clients

Introducing Alanah Molina to the Wairarapa team.

Succession Planning | Your legacy, their future

Getting out of your business or farm may be one of the most important decisions you ever make and must be a carefully managed process.

The recent Nelson fire and how our auditor helped out

Our audit team member from Christchurch, Jordan Pearson, was involved in the response team for the Nelson fires in early February. Here’s his account and some pictures from his time there. 

Can the spam with a new email address

Whenever you sign up to a subscription service or buy something online, it’s likely you’ll be put on a mailing list – whether you like it or not.

Company record keeping

We share a reminder of the legal requirements from the Companies Act 1993 (section 189). The Act requires that a company must keep the following documents at its registered office:

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