Teletronics | Supporting the shift into the digital world

Scott Bensemann and Chan Jackson own electronic sales and service centre, Teletronics Limited in Masterton.  The pair bought Teletronics in 2014 from the previous owner who had run the business for more than three decades.

“We are a technology hub,” says Scott.  “We offer a wide range of electronic services including supplying and installing two way digital radios (RT), equipment repairs, Freeview and Sky TV installations, home entertainment, car entertainment, security, farm RT repeaters and GPS tracking.  We have many strings to our bow to support our customers’ needs – often what they need will involve one or more parts of our business.”

For two years before purchasing Teletronics, Chan and Scott were in business together, doing contract work installing wireless broadband and other services around the Wairarapa region.  “We wanted to grow our business and it made sense for us to have a base to do that from,” says Scott.

Over the past decade there have been huge advances in technology and the way we use it.  “Everything’s changed.  Analogue has moved to digital – an example of this is how we watch TV.  Viewing through streaming services such as On Demand, Netflix and internet TV is now common.  Our business supports the shift into this digital world.”

Scott says since they bought the business, it’s been “non-stop”.  “Everything’s great.  Sky TV’s roll out of its new decoders keeps us busy, but the largest part of our business is digital RTs.  The forestry industry particularly has high demand for them. The move from analogue to digital RTs has revitalised their popularity.   Voice conversations on digital RTs are much clearer with no hissing. Noise that is not a human voice is stripped out, so they’re used widely in situations where there is loud background noise such as machinery, engines or aircraft.”

The digital RTs have GPS built into them, which is helping keep workers safer.  “From a health and safety point of view, with GPS you can see where everyone is and if there is any danger.  Digital RTs can also send text messages and private calls are easily made.”

Teletronics also installs repeater stations, especially on farms where phone coverage is often limited.  “Having a digital infrastructure on farms means calls can be made through the repeater station.  Again it’s great for communication and for safety.”

When Chan and Scott were considering buying Teletronics, they looked to Moore Stephens Markhams director Mike Flower for advice.

“We shopped around to find an accountant who we believed understood our business and who was pro-active,” says Scott.  “We then spent a year going through the due diligence process, with Mike appraising the business, running the numbers and giving us advice.”

“He also advised us on our business partnership.  The information he gave us about the viability of the business and its financial management gave us the confidence to proceed.”

Mike and his team run Teletronics’ annual accounts and manage the partners’ tax and profit matters.  “We use Xero and share access with Mike so he can keep an eye on things and keep our business on track.  He eyeballs reports and points out things we may have missed.  He’s proactive and takes care of our bigger financial picture.

“Having someone who’s interested in the success of our business rather than just crunching numbers is great.”