Sharon Parker retires after 30 years

After 30 years attending to the financial needs of businesses from Wairarapa and further afield, Sharon is looking forward to a change in direction. This will be an exciting time for her as whilst some of her plans are mapped out there will also be something of a leap into the unknown.
Sharon will step down at the end of March after a career that she’s always enjoyed, working with colleagues she respects and clients who have grown to become friends in many instances.
Sharon joined the firm when it was Woodhouse & Partners in 1990, straight from university as an accounting graduate and she became a partner in 2002.
In 2004 the firm joined the Markhams group.  Since that time Sharon has been closely involved with the group at a national level – firstly with the continuing education committee and latterly with the marketing committee.
Looking back on her time within the industry, Sharon believes the biggest changes have come as a result of legislation and technology developments.  She recalls the excitement when the first fax machine arrived! Internet and email have revolutionised the profession.
Now with clients handling more of their own financial details themselves, some of the mystery of the accountants’ role has gone.  “Once we were delivered shoe boxes of records and after six months or so, we presented back a set of accounts and clients wondered how we had done it,” says Sharon. “Now we have some clients who tell us how much profit they’ve made as they drop off their information.”
Sharon says she’ll miss being the “trusted ear” of her clients who will often discuss sensitive issues not related to financial matters.  “It has been a privilege to hold this position of trust.”
Sharon will continue with her honorary work, such as being on the boards for the Wairarapa Bush Rugby Union and Poto College House Trust.
Her departure from the firm was well signalled and directors, accounting staff and technology are in place for a smooth transition. 

We all here at Moore Markhams Wairarapa, wish Sharon the very best for what lies ahead.  Sharon has been such a pleasure to work alongside, her knowledge and camaraderie in the office will be greatly missed.  We hope that we continue to see her now and again.