Joining forces to strengthen our service

From next week, our cloud-based accounting expertise will strengthen when we are joined by our colleagues from HWI Limited under the Moore Markhams banner. Initially this will be from our home bases but we look forward to bringing them into our Newmarket offices once the COVID-19 situation is over.

HWI are our neighbours, down the road in Newmarket, and after relaxed discussions with the three directors, we agreed that we shared the same values and culture. As HWI’s lease was expiring and we have room in our new premise, the timing was right for us to merge.

The full HWI team will be joining us, continuing to work with their existing clients. Current HWI directors Christine Henderson, Kevin Wilson and Cal Rogers will come on board as consultants.

“It was an opportunity that presented itself unsought and for both firms, it provides value and makes good sense,” says Sam Bassett, one of our Auckland directors.

“HWI is a strong modern practice that utilises cloud technology very effectively, and we’re looking forward to benefiting from that expertise. For HWI, it provides extended resources for their clients and career growth options for their staff.”

Senior manager, Murray Tuck came to Moore Markhams after being with HWI for nearly 12 years and Raewyn Baldwin, our business manager, was a former HWI practice manager and still has personal friendships at the firm.

“We think it’s a good fit,” says Kevin Wilson from HWI. “Moore Markhams’ structure will provide stronger support and expertise for our clients in this evolving and increasingly complex taxation and accounting environment.

“We’re also keen to access the benefits of being part of a national network and the broader range of skills on offer by a larger team of partners and managers to add depth to our services to clients.”

Photo caption: Mixing it up. Neighbours and soon to be Moore Markhams colleagues (from left) Cal Rogers, Jonathan Roberts, Kevin Wilson, Atul Mehta, Christine Henderson, Craig Hemphill and Janene Olson.