Let the content do the marketing

Content marketing is probably something you have heard of but perhaps you’re not really sure where to start. You know it’s supposed to drive sales but surely the ads you put in the local paper and on various websites do that, don’t they? Well, content marketing does much more when done well.

Say you want to know the best way to strip wallpaper off the walls. You might Google it or you may just head to YouTube. There you’ll find plenty of advice, including some from well-known DIY brands. You click the orange one and, hey presto, you’re watching an instruction from Mitre 10, which tells you not only how to do the job effectively, but also the tools you’ll need in the process, and that’s where they make their sale.

It doesn’t have to be video that you choose to work with, particularly if your budget is tight. A blog post on your website explaining the answers to the most frequently asked questions you get will be useful if done clearly enough, preferably with images.

Showing your expertise in your product or service and demonstrating just how you can solve your customers’ and prospects’ problems is what content marketing is all about.

Lead the way in your industry by being creative, forward thinking and consistent. Focus on solving the right problems with your product and the sales will come. The alternative is a big advertising budget. But simply posting images of your new office or the team at a local event really isn’t that interesting to anyone else but you.

Serious about your success?