KiwiSaver employer contributions and minimum wage

A recent case must have given some employers pause for thought.

The Employment Court has ruled that employers must pay KiwiSaver contributions in addition to the minimum wage, not inclusive in the minimum wage. In a ‘total remuneration’ package, the gross wage must amount to at least the minimum wage plus compulsory employer contributions. Anything less is a breach of the Minimum Wage Act 1983.

Case study
Employees were being paid the minimum wage, with their employment agreements stating remuneration was ‘inclusive of KiwiSaver compulsory employer contributions’. The KiwiSaver Act 2006 allows total remuneration packages, provided that mandatory employer contributions are accounted for.

The Court found that employees have an inalienable right to receive the minimum rate irrespective of anything in any other statute or agreement. A payment of a compulsory employer contribution was not ‘payment for … work’ performed by an employee for the purposes of the Minimum Wage Act. Here, the Court said, the employer was effectively expecting its employees to pay for the employer contributions.

In themselves, the caregivers’ agreements did not infringe the requirement to account for the contributions. The Court said there did not need to be a numerical figure for the deduction; simply a statement as to how that figure is arrived at.

Published March 2013

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