Is your team suffering from recognition deficit?

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, David Novak talks about recognition deficit, or, in simple terms, not giving your team enough recognition for the role they do.

People should bring value to your business, or else they should not be working for you, so it makes sense to bring the best out of them and improve your bottom line at the same time. It’s appreciated, inexpensive and very easy to do and when you realise that not all workers are motivated by money alone, it’s an easy one to achieve/

Here are 5 tips to recognition balance:

  1. Show respect and trust by sharing company information with them. The more you share, the more they’ll know; the more they know, the more they’ll care.
  2. Ask them this question: what would you do if you were in my role? Don’t dismiss their answers, use what you can and recognise them for their input – make sure you at least consider their thoughts and ideas.
  3. Celebrate the smaller milestones positively. If a sale comes in, great! Don’t then follow it up with ‘but we’ve still got a long way to go’.
  4. Remember that a personal handwritten note goes a lot further than a plastic keychain as a reward for something.
  5. Do it naturally and along the way, not as part of their annual appraisal. If it’s not genuine, there’s no point in doing it.

A happy, well-recognised team is a loyal one. Everyone likes to feel appreciated in the many roles they fill in life so help them feel recognised in the workplace by doing it genuinely and in a timely manner.

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