Is your recruitment process hurting your brand?

Every time you touch another person – whether it be by email, through your recruitment process or as a supplier or customer – the brand of your company leaves an impression on them. That could be a good one, a bad one or a neutral one.

Back in 2014, Virgin Media decided to conduct a survey of all those people that had been rejected during the recruitment process. Some 18 percent of those rejected stayed as a customer, but 6 percent actually went to a direct competitor of Virgin specifically as a result of their interaction with them as an employment brand. That 6 percentwas around 7500 people, which Virgin worked out to be around $8 million in lost revenue.

A candidate experience with your brand should be just as important as your customer experience because they may just become your customer one day. The same goes for salespeople visiting your business: how you treat them reflects back on you and negative experiences are easily broadcast.

If your recruitment process is letting your brand down by not keeping candidates informed, sending a two-line rejection email or, worse, nothing at all, then look at making some changes sooner rather than later.

Every person interacting with your brand should be treated like a prospective customer. When your recruitment process reflects this, you may just pick up that extra revenue.

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