How to create a great team environment

We spend most of our lives working rather than with the ones we love, so it seems only sensible to ensure the relationships we have at work with our colleagues or employees are healthy and happy, as well as professional.

It’s not about suddenly spending time together outside of work, but about enjoying the people around you and strengthening your relationships with them while you’re there. By doing so, you may be surprised at how much you enjoy heading into the office each day. In turn, this positivity can help build and support a great team. This flows through the work environment and into your interactions with customers.

For the most part, relationships will generally begin organically, but it’s not always that easy. There are a few simple steps you can take to help the process along.

Set the scene
As a business owner, make sure the areas where your team take their breaks or stop for a breather are bright, clean and cheerful. It would be counter-productive to make them toooooo comfy so maybe hold back on the sauna or the sun lounge (oh wait … they’re good ideas!). But make sure they’re inviting enough – somewhere where team mates might share a chat.

Lead from the front
If you want your team to get on well with each other and with you, set the tone with an open, inclusive personal style. Perhaps share these tips with your less involved team mates.

Slow down
Rather than sidestepping a workmate at the water cooler and racing back to your desk, pause for a moment. Listen to what others are talking about and get involved. It only takes a few minutes while the kettle boils or the tea brews, to join a conversation and perhaps add your own two cents’ worth.

Make the first move
Be proactive about building relationships by asking questions. Learn about those you’re working with by finding out what they like to do in their spare time. People love to talk about themselves. All you have to do is ask.

Schedule a walk or coffee with a colleague over your lunch breaks. See if you can organise a social gathering one afternoon. Perhaps even look at inviting partners and family.

Good workplace relationships are important. They can lower the potential for workplace conflict, gossip or bullying and if issues arise, can prevent things from escalating. Conversely, a toxic office environment undermines everyone and white-ants the business itself. Active steps to build good relationships at work can change the attitudes of those around you for the better, as well as your own.

Nurture a welcoming environment at work. A bright positive team culture provides strong support for the overall success of the business.

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