Micro-moments – just how do you do that?

The amount of people wanting the answer to ‘how do you do that’ is growing, with searches using the term ‘how to’ on YouTube increasing 70 percent year on year.

When your customers and prospects look for answers, they will often turn to a device for the answer. Google calls these moments ‘micro-moments’ and they can happen in search, on your website, on your app and, most commonly, on YouTube. People want an immediate answer and online is where they will find it.

‘How to tile a bathroom’, ‘how to book a specific tour’, ‘how to organise a wedding’: people want answers to all sorts of questions, and some will have questions about your product or service ­­– your expertise can be part or all of the answer.

What will your customers and prospects want to know the answer to that you can supply on video? Brainstorm the various problems to be solved. Then create the videos and get the leads before your competition does.

Serious about your success?