Growing great leaders

Imagine being able to step away from your business and take a much needed holiday.  What if you had the chance to work minimal hours, or even none at all?  Before you take that step, you need to be confident the business will stay on track. Take stock.

Do you have full confidence in your team to run the business the way you really want it to be run, without your having to be there 100% of the time? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not yet’, what would it take for the answer to be ‘yes’?

If your answer is better systems, better communication, better performance or more resources, these are all gaps you can address. You can develop a plan and work through a process to make it happen.

But what about if you answer that it would take more self-starters, greater initiative, and better decision-making in the team? You’re pinpointing leadership qualities. Do your team have what it takes to be great leaders? Yes! Well … sometimes. Not everyone has the desire to lead and not everyone has the skill. People who have leadership potential don’t always know it and business owners can sometimes overlook people whose potential has not yet been awakened. But almost everyone can benefit by being encouraged to grow and show more initiative. As a leader, you can help to develop existing leadership capability and awaken sleeping leadership potential in others.

A reliable line of succession is a priority so that not only do you have a 2IC but your 2IC has an up and coming offsider. But wouldn’t it also benefit your business to have all your team show just a bit more drive, be just a bit better at problem solving and decision making?

Large corporates usually devote resources to leadership programmes and incentives. It’s more challenging for small and medium sized businesses but just as vital.

So think about it. If your business had a leadership programme, where would it focus?

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