Creating creative office space

Where we choose to work from ends up being the one spot we spend most of our time. So why not make it comfortable and enjoyable?

It’s no news that being inspired is motivating, and that this in turn boosts productivity. A creative working environment caters to individuals, rather than the larger corporate. As a business owner, it’s a good idea to let an employee’s inner creative shine, but it’s also important to set this example yourself.

This isn’t the time to pretend you’re Google. Don’t go and buy everyone a pair of roller skates or install a rooftop bar (though there’s no need to cross it off your wish list just yet if the idea appeals to you). Think laterally about what would work for your business (and your budget). Here are some ideas for promoting a vibrant environment to enhance your team’s productivity and your business’ success.

First of all, it’s important to have an element of order. Chaos is generally not the likely inspirer of productivity, nor motivation. Ensure you have tidiness to a degree and organisation most of the time. Declutter your work station, so you don’t waste precious time looking for stuff or procrastinating.

Many offices are open plan these days or are in a co-sharing environment. Be aware of your surrounds and other people’s zen when arranging your workspace. Have headphones at the ready, should you choose to listen to music, or simply use this as a signal to colleagues that you need some time out or that you’re in lock down. Don’t go crazy hanging obtrusive objects from the ceiling or bringing in anything too bright or noisy unless you have the luxury of four solid walls and reasonable sound insulation.

Think about what inspires you. Do you like to go fishing? Do you enjoy art? Maybe you have a favourite artist? Are there particular family photos that bring back fond memories? Surround yourself with images you love to create an element of inspiration. This can also be a good talking point with peers and can help them get to know you better.

These small efforts from yourself can potentially have a huge impact on employee attitudes and team morale as you encourage your team to follow suit. If you’re not sure where to start, organise a team meeting and discuss it together. Collaborate on some ideas to inject some creative spark into the environment – you may be impressed with how much of a difference it makes.

Published May 2017.

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