Create your own reciprocity ring

We’ve all heard of the ‘Law of Reciprocity’ but Wayne Baker at the University of Michigan, along with his wife Cheryl, has developed the reciprocity ring.

It’s simply a group of people who get together regularly to help one another by using their networks and resources to find a solution to a given problem. Usually a group of 15 to 30 individuals, they get together for an hour or so monthly, and are most likely leaders and managers from inside one company or the greater industry.

Each person makes a specific request to the group and the group uses their knowledge, resources and connections to help fulfill it. It could be a vacancy that needs filling, a lead-in to a specific company, a virtual introduction or a laboratory to be leased – anything goes as long as it’s specific.

It works because no one likes to ask for help for fear of feeling embarrassed, needy, incompetent or a burden to others – because we all feel pressured to look successful all of the time.

It works because no one likes to say no when asked for something, because again  it can feel embarrassing, uncomfortable and guilt-provoking to do so.

It also works because the request is specific and not general.

And it works because everyone makes a request.

Adam Grant, author of Give and Take, ran the ring with leaders from IBM, Estee Lauder, Boeing, UPS and others and was simply amazed at some of the requests that were filled by using this simple technique.

Who could you get together with to form your own reciprocity ring and help others while helping yourself?

Serious about your success?