Commonwealth Games


New Zealand recently finished its most successful Commonwealth Games since 1990, generating some interesting statistics.

It was our most successful games hosted outside of New Zealand, winning 46 medals, 15 of which were gold. This was enough to see us finish 5th on the medal table, punching well above our weight. We sent our largest Commonwealth Games team ever to the Gold Coast, comprising 251 athletes competing across 18 sports. The Commonwealth consists of 53 countries, of which New Zealand is the 23rd largest based on population, thus finishing 5th on the medal table was an awesome effort.

Many people would agree that based on our size, we are one of the most successful sporting countries in the world. Statistics New Zealand announced that we finished 9th for gold medals and 14th for total medals per capita, beating Australia who finished 17th.

With 79.2 percent of Kiwis participating in some form of sport each week, coupled with our country’s competitive sporting culture, it is not surprising we perform well in global competitions. Following our athletes’ success on the Gold Coast, there is now talk of New Zealand hosting a future Commonwealth Games.

Published winter 2018.

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