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Two decades of developing potential in people for business success

  • Richard Joseph

    Richard Joseph's course, Turning Point, has helped many companies throughout the country develop the potential of their staff.

Richard Joseph & Associates Ltd was formed in 1991 as a Management Consulting company providing business advice to a diverse range of clients both large and small.

Prior to setting up the company, Richard owned Protocol Credit Bureau for 11 years but in 1991, decided it was time to step out of the public company environment and do his own thing again. “I wanted to set up my own business advisory company. However, the industry is well known for its high attrition rate, but with 20 years in business under our belt, we must be doing something right,” says Richard.

The business offers a comprehensive suite of services, connected through a ‘virtual’ network. In recent years, Richard’s business has specialised in the development of people within organisations. A key part of this offering is Richard’s three-day personal development course ‘Turning Point’, born out of a need he identified within the organisations he was working with.

“I discovered that a lot of people had good intentions to do things, but often didn’t get around to doing them,” he says. “It fascinated me. That essentially was the starting point for writing the programme.”

Richard had been on a number of personal development courses, but they lacked one key element as he explains. “None of the courses fitted with the New Zealand culture. I saw there was a need to develop one that did fit.” The Turning Point course, not to be confused with an Australian programme of a similar name, was born and people became the prime focus for Richard’s work.

“It was clear, even in my own organisation, that people had issues with people, not with systems. If people are well directed and well lead, they will succeed. We need businesses to focus on creating an environment where people want to give of themselves. If the environment is not supportive, then generally the people are not as productive as they could be. They will be compliant at best.”

Philosophically, Richard will only work with organisations committed to employee development. “I find that some leaders have aspiratory values, but don’t realise what is actually happening in their business. We’ve found that if employees are in an environment where they feel valued, they will give more of their discretionary effort.” he says. “That equates with commitment. When you have committed people in an organisation, you will get outstanding performance.”

The demand for Richard’s expertise is higher than ever and a key part of the relationship Richard and his team develop with their clients, is ongoing support.

“Given the nature of our work, we do develop strong relationships with people. You can’t just do the work and leave them to it. Our approach is to partner our clients long-term and offer them a range of ongoing support services such as a resource library and a graduate portal on our website,” he explains.

Working with Richard on his business for the last 30 years has been former Markhams Clarke Craw director Barry Clarke. Since Barry’s retirement, associate Mark Dalloway has taken over the reins, and Richard is pleased to have had the support of the independent firm since the beginning.

“Barry was very good at providing advice in the early days. He was a guiding hand more than anything – a mentor, informally. I got sage advice from an older, wiser man and I always followed it. He would always accentuate the positive and it was important to have that experienced sounding board. Markhams Clarke Craw continues to take care of all of my financial and accountancy matters – they’ve been a helping hand now for more than three decades.”

Published Spring 2012.

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