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Stretch and go, a winner for new business and its clients

Restore-Prehab-pic_webChronic pain and joint stiffness keep many of us on the sidelines, but a Christchurch start-up is using a powerful stretch therapy to get clients moving again. 

Barry Adams and Liv Bates, owners of Restore Prehabilitation and Recovery in Christchurch, are the only certified practitioners of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) in the South Island.

The therapy stretches the fascia – the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, bones, joints and organs, Barry says. “It’s basically everything that makes us move.”

Liv, who has seven years of massage therapy and personal trainer experience, and Barry, who became increasingly frustrated by chronic pain and stiffness, discovered FST in their search for alternative solutions to mobility problems.

It’s incredibly rewarding to share it with others, Barry says.  “People hit a brick wall with traditional medicine. We’re able to extend their knowledge about their bodies and give them an alternative solution that’s pain-free.”

Clients lie on a massage table while their bodies are gently manipulated. “All they have to do is breathe.”  Because it’s pain-free, clients can completely relax which in turn, enables Barry and Liv to stretch the tissue right down to the joints. “We basically unwind and decompress the body from the joint capsule out.”

Joint tissue is hugely important in determining mobility.  Clients are assessed before any treatment to evaluate the quality of their movement and identify any restrictions and weaknesses.

“We put the person in the centre and look at them from a 360-degree view. We work with a range of health and fitness professionals including physios, chiropractors, surgeons and personal trainers; we all talk and work together for the client,” says Barry.

Liv and Barry are big believers in educating their clients, who are sent away with a unique “toolbox” of exercises, which reinforce the clinic work and can be used in the future should they feel their bodies regressing.

The desk and couch-bound nature of modern life is responsible for many of the aches and pains the pair treat, Barry says. “The sedentary lifestyle causes a massive amount of weakness in your deep core. This impacts your ability to breathe, to move efficiently and your limbs are unable to work independently of each other.”

Many of those who do ditch the couch to exercise often try to go “from zero to hero” without addressing the basics or assessing their basic ability to move.

“Cyclists, for example, are often sitting all day at a desk in a hip-compressed position and then they go and hop on a bike, mimicking the same position. They rarely warm up or stretch in an adequate manner to rectify the muscular shortening behaviours. That’s where our injuries are coming from.”

Moore Stephens Markhams director Belinda Canton has been a huge support for the start-up, Barry says. “We spoke to a number of accountants and Belinda was the only one who got the concept.”

Belinda is a mentor as well as an accountant. “We go through the facts and figures first but then we thrash out ideas and work on our strategic view. She has given us contacts and direction, and she has undoubtedly contributed to the steep growth we are experiencing.”

Client numbers have doubled month-on–month since August last year to about 90. The firm’s client base is diverse, including elite athletes through to people with multiple sclerosis.

Plans for the business include gaining preferred supplier status with High Performance Sport New Zealand and setting up a purpose-built clinic in Christchurch. In April, Barry and Liv will return to Canada to gain level- two certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Published autumn 2018.

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