Michael Rawlence

Bringing a global view to New Zealand business

In the eight years since he moved to New Zealand from London, Michael Rawlence has been industrious. He’s set up bespoke stationery company Rawlence and Horton, earned himself a position on the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNZCCI) board and recently embarked on a real estate career with Bayleys.

Michael has more than 20 years’ experience within the global luxury goods industry and co-owned The Wren Press, which had two royal warrants to supply the Queen and Prince Charles with stationery. The company also designed and printed invitations for the weddings of Prince Edward and Sophie, Prince Charles and Camilla and Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar, as well as providing stationery to clients in New York and Hong Kong.

When he moved to New Zealand in 2007, Michael was well placed to set up a new luxury, personalised stationery business, and a year later Rawlence and Horton was launched with Roxane, daughter-in-law of former media baron, Michael Horton.

“We design and produce a range of bespoke, high quality print material including brochures and invitations and operate in the luxury end of the market,” says Michael.

In 2011, Rawlence and Horton created the very beautiful invitations for Dan and Honor Carter’s wedding. Michael manages the supply chain of designers, artists and printers. “I make the cake and they bake it. And I try to keep all the ingredients in New Zealand!” he laughs.

His work comes from referrals and he doesn’t advertise. “I don’t market the business. I’ve built up a client base from client referrals and work directly with party planners and event organisers. It’s a niche offering,” he says.

Michael’s experience of managing global clients and services saw him spend two years on a rebranding project for a property development project in Wanaka, Emerald Bluffs. He is actively involved in furthering the business relationship between France and New Zealand through his role on the board of the French Chamber of Commerce.

“I grew up in the south of France and am bi-lingual and have been a member of the Chamber for some time. It is a strong networking body, connecting opportunities between France, New Zealand and French speaking territories in the Pacific. We promote bi-lateral trade. It’s a commercially focused voluntary role.”

Seven months ago, Michael joined Bayleys in Ponsonby. “I have transferrable skills – looking after people and going through their journey with them, in this case buying or selling a home. I’m focusing on building relationships with them and it’s going really well.”

Michael says working in the Auckland housing market has been absolutely fascinating. “It’s a classic supply and demand situation: a lack of supply and hot demand. Immigration, low interest rates and property investors are driving the market and although the prices have reported to have plateaued in the city, demand is still very much there.”

Moore Stephens Markhams Auckland director Sam Bassett is very involved with all of Michael’s business interests and also his personal and family business.

“I met Sam through the inception of Rawlence and Horton, as he had an existing relationship with the Horton family. Sam is a really high quality individual and handles all of our accounting across the businesses. We also transferred our personal affairs to him to handle.

“Sam has an incredible wealth of experience so I do ask him lots of questions! We discuss things and he’s got the right skills. I can’t think of anyone better. He’s absolutely first class.”

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Michael is actively involved in furthering the business relationship between France and New Zealand through his role on the board of the French Chamber of Commerce.

Published Summer 2015

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