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    Masterton Medical's general manager Paul Cocks accepting Cornerstones Accreditation from Jane O'Hallahan, CEO of The Royal NZ College of GPs.

When Robyn Wilson stepped into the role of Finance Manager at Masterton Medical, she already knew the business inside and out. For the preceding nine years, Robyn had been working at Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa, with Masterton Medical one of her clients.

“While I was working on the medical centre’s financial business, the company acquired Chapel Street Family Doctors, which increased patient enrolments to around 23,000. With such large numbers, the management team decided they needed an in-house accountant and approached Moore Stephens Markhams director Mike Flower to see if I was interested, which I was. The rest is history!” says Robyn.

Masterton Medical was set up by eight doctors, most of whom are still shareholders in the business. It is now the largest general practice doctor service in the Wairarapa and also runs an after-hours service on public holidays and weekends, with a roster made up of doctors from throughout Masterton, Greytown, Carterton and Featherston.

Over the past 10 years, the business has steadily grown and now employs 18 doctors, 33 nurses and 19 administration staff delivering a range of Ministry of Health services to its 23,000 patients. The facility also leases premises to an independently-owned physiotherapist clinic, MedLab and pharmacy.

One challenge Robyn says the business faces, is attracting doctors to the region. “Being a provincial centre can sometimes be a barrier when we’re trying to recruit doctors for long-term positions, as often they can earn more money in the cities or overseas,” she explains.

But Masterton Medical’s philosophy around training is helping to address that challenge. “We have actively worked on developing training programmes with the GP College and take fourth and fifth year med students, who we hope will come back to work with us,” says Robyn. The business also has a relationship with UCOL and provides placements and work experience for nursing students within the facility.

Robyn says Ministry of Health funding can be a “complex beast”, with a high level of accountability required. “The various funding streams that come from the government are often complex in the way they are structured, and have different requirements and reporting depending on which group of patients and what services are being funded. The health industry is always changing and evolving – I really enjoy being at the coal face.”

Masterton Medical is known for its innovative approach to healthcare, and is developing more ‘wellness’ clinics and services; an approach that Robyn sees immense value in.
“It’s the ambulance at the top of the cliff – getting people to manage potential health issues before they become a problem. For example, if a patient has a family history of diabetes, then we will work with them on preventative measures and be aware of any health issues and complications.”

Although Robyn may have worked very closely with the business for a number of years during her time at Moore Stephens Markhams, she and general manager Paul Cocks still rely on director Mike Flower for advice and accounting services.

“Mike is particularly good and very knowledgeable,” says Robyn. “I phone him whenever I need to and he also is called upon to advise doctors on financial matters when they require it – he relates to them very well.”

Mike assists Robyn on a regular basis, reviewing the business’s monthly management financial reports and helping with any on-going tax or GST queries. He also takes care of Masterton Medical’s year end financials and tax returns. “We talk regularly. It’s a very important relationship.”

Published Winter 2013.

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