Hearing Consultants

Good hearing makes a world of difference

Jan Morris, left, owner and operator of Hearing Consultants.

Audiologist Jan Morris (left) says she gets so much satisfaction from seeing the look on clients’ faces once they are able to hear well again. “The ability to hear normally gives people back their self-esteem and confidence. It gives them a new lease on life.”

Jan is the owner and operator of Hearing Consultants, a business she started in 1992. It is an independent audiology practice with branches in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Masterton.

Jan originally studied child psychology but decided instead to train as an audiologist. She won a scholarship to study in Melbourne then returned to work as a staff audiologist at Dunedin hospital. She was also charge audiologist at Wellington hospital for 10 years and visiting audiologist at Wairarapa Health, part of the Wairarapa DHB for six years before launching out on her own.

“It was a rarity in those days to be an independent audiologist but when I began, I had plenty of referrals and support from Ear Nose and Throat specialists and the business grew rapidly from there.”

The skilled team at Hearing Consultants is knowledgeable in all aspects of audiology. “We have great staff and a very supportive infrastructure and that is so essential when it comes to running a business.”

As an owner operated clinic and a member of the NZ Independent Audiologists, Hearing Consultants is able to offer clients a wide range of choices. “We have a different business model compared to a company owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. Ours is very much a personalised service and we can thoroughly assess someone’s hearing needs and meet their needs, depending on what is on the market.”

Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject and it isn’t until people realise they are missing out on something specific – it could be realising they’ve not heard something their grandchildren have said, or getting a new job – that triggers them to seek help. But they have to have that light bulb moment before they are ready, according to Jan.

However, she also finds many of her clients are prepared to embrace new technology like never before. “There are more and more people out there who know that hearing aids are small, more comfortable and less intrusive. Consequently, there’s less stigma attached to wearing them.

“There are so many fantastic technologies out there such as Bluetooth and Smart Phones that you can hook your hearing up to, that makes life so much easier.”

Jan has counted on the advice of Barry Clarke and Daniel Piebenga at Markhams Clarke Craw since she lived in Dunedin and ran her clinic, Southern Audiology and this has continued.  “They know my business inside out, so in this electronic age it makes no difference that we are in different locations,” she says.

She really appreciates the diversity of knowledge she can tap into at Markhams Clarke Craw.  “Whether it is employment contracts or salaries or issues with IRD, they are a one-stop shop. Whatever we require, there is someone in the team who can provide the relevant information. I also like the fact that they always give you a straightforward and honest answer.”

In her spare time, Jan enjoys riding her Italian motorcycle and joining her husband on off-road trail bike adventures. It’s a pursuit that she finds refreshes and recharges her for her work.

Hearing Consultants

Published Spring 2015.

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