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Nathan Pattison, fifth from left, with his team of recruiters whose self motivation makes finding the right people easy.

Nathan Pattison, fifth from left, with his team of recruiters whose self motivation makes finding the right people easy.

Nathan Pattison, fifth from left, with his team of recruiters whose self motivation makes finding the right people easy. Fluid Recruitment is a specialist employment agency based in the South Island that is going from strength to strength, in spite of being started during the recession.

In 2008, Managing Director, Nathan Pattison relocated to Dunedin from Auckland and in July 2009, established Fluid Recruitment with offices in the city centre.

Nathan previously worked for fifteen years for two of the largest international HR consultancies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. “I saw a gap in the market and began from there,” he says.

At Fluid, a team of 10 highly skilled recruitment specialists matches high calibre job seekers to relevant roles.

“We source professional level people for the South Island in executive, accounting, finance, information technology, sales and marketing and customer service,” says Nathan.

While there are six or seven other employment agencies in Dunedin, Fluid is one of only two that work in this particular area.

“Our clients are often New Zealanders returning home or immigrants with five to ten years experience in international business. They want a different pace and lifestyle so they target from Christchurch down. We also get many Aucklanders who have had enough and want to move south.”

Having lived in other parts of New Zealand and as one who has ‘returned home’, Nathan is well aware of the plusses of living in the South Island.

It is exciting to develop business here, he says. “There is a good network in Otago and once you are involved and understand how the market works, it is a really great place. I’ve found that everyone looks after each other.

“Fluid Recruitment is the biggest advertiser in the South Island and has about 180 advertisements up at any one time. This attracts people to areas where they didn’t think would have opportunities, such as Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru and Oamaru. These places are often over looked.

“Typically, recruitment has a high turnover because it is a high pressure environment, but Dunedin being slower means you have the opportunity to create a longer-term relationship with your clients; they don’t change as much as they do in bigger markets.”

These sorts of relationships create trusted partnerships he says.

The team at Fluid work as a close-knit entity. “We are lucky to have four to five senior recruiters who, like me, all have experience in bigger markets and then we also have a team of younger people who are smart and hungry. This gives us a good balance of experience at the top and a good platform to grow.”

A good recruiter he says possesses self-motivation. “They are people who want to succeed and want to run their own business or their own work.”

Nathan is proud of the fact that in a very short time, Fluid Recruitment has become a well-known name in the market place.

Fluid Recruitment’s partner at Markhams Clarke Craw in Dunedin is Daniel Piebenga. “Daniel has been there for us from the start and is always accessible. He goes out of his way to find the information I require, often at no extra charge. This creates loyalty.

“When we first started, we didn’t know very much about the financial side of running a business: when PAYE was due or the details of IRD commitments. Daniel made sure we were doing that on time and double-checking it was correct.

“As well, he would recommend the right people for different business needs to me. For example, if I needed insurance or a lawyer or employment help – he would point me in the right direction.”

In return, Nathan says he has referred colleagues and friends going into business, to Markhams Clarke Craw. “They have been a very good partner; they have gone out of their way to support us. They stand for what the Otago market is about, which is looking after their clients.”


Published Summer 2013.

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