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When Mark Hohneck, of Diesel Performance Solutions (DPS) Hawke’s Bay, talks about remapping a truck or tractor you may wonder what he’s referring to.

To explain further, engine remapping means fine-tuning the software of a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) to give it more torque, power, better fuel economy and improved performance.

DPS, an independent remapping specialist, carries out this work on both new and used vehicles. Although the firm specialises in remapping agricultural and commercial vehicles it also fine-tunes the engine software of utes, boats, buses and private cars. People might ask, ‘why do you need to do this to a completely new vehicle?’ Mark has the answer.

“ECUs are manufactured conservatively to account for different factors such as climate, fuel quality and emission standards. ECU remapping basically optimises your vehicle’s performance.

“After a client has had their vehicles remapped they will often say ‘Wow it’s amazing! I am doing more work than I was before and only using a fraction more fuel or in many cases using less fuel’. In other words: their litres per hectare have decreased significantly. DPS provides power upgrades of up to 30 percent to a vehicle. That’s a huge cost saving for farmers and can mean the difference between having to purchase a new tractor or not,” says Mark.

One client gave DPS a great testimonial when he said, “What a great result for my Masseys. The process was simple and gave them another 40HP each and a 20 percent improvement in power and torque. Effectively you have given me $80,000 of HP for a fraction of the cost. We are also saving about two litres per hour in fuel.”

Both Mark and DPS owner and national manager, Chris Burnell, who started the business in 2005, each have 20 years in the industry. Chris’ experience is in the electrical and mechanical industry, where he developed the software specifically for New Zealand conditions. And Mark, who is a fully qualified diesel mechanic, has many years experience in the diesel and petrol industry.

Chris and Mark’s combined software and mechanical expertise gives confidence to their customers and guarantees that they’re receiving the best possible remapping solutions. DPS partners are remapping specialists all across the world and this gives DPS the ability to tap into additional expertise and experience.

DPS has branches throughout New Zealand and in the past two years has also expanded to Australia where there are five dealerships. Mark, who is the Hawke’s Bay franchise owner of DPS, is excited about this latest development and says it gives an added dimension and weight to the company.

It’s in this area of his business that Mark’s accountant, Michael Ward at Moore Stephens Markhams Hawkes Bay, has been extremely helpful. “Now that I am operating in Australia, Michael has been brilliant in helping me with my overseas transactions. As well as this, he is always there to help, nothing is a problem and he goes above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me with my accounting needs.

“If ever my staff or I get it wrong, Michael is always there to quickly help fix it. I recommend him highly.”


Published Summer 2015

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