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    Celebrating 100 years of serving Dunedin.

In 2015, Associated Chemists will celebrate its centenary, 100 years of providing pharmaceutical services to the Dunedin region and an impressive milestone in anyone’s books.

The company was set up initially by local pharmacy owners in Dunedin who needed an after-hours service, and a century later that hasn’t changed although the pharmacy has moved locations many times. Dunedin Urgent Pharmacy is currently located in Hanover Street, next to the urgent doctors.

Associated Chemists’ chairman, Keith Newton has been a pharmacist for more than three decades. “Basically the company is doing the same thing as it did 100 years ago – offering community health care pharmacy specialising in acute treatments.”

Open from 10am until 10pm seven days a week, the Pharmacy is owned now by 17 local pharmacists. The company’s structure and multi-ownership means that financial matters can be complex. Markhams Clarke Craw’s Pharmacy Business Development Unit has been working with pharmacy businesses and the wider industry for many years and is endorsed as the preferred supplier of financial and accounting services for members of The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (Inc).

Keith says the relationship with Markhams Clarke Craw began over 15 years ago. “Markhams was working with a number of pharmacies and understood the industry and the unique challenges faced by our businesses,” he says.

Markhams Clarke Craw’s Barry Clarke, worked with Associated Chemists for a number of years, and began the close relationship now enjoyed. Barry recently handed over the reins to Director Daniel Piebenga but still retains a keen interest in the development of Associated Chemists.

“Markhams provides a broad range of financial services and the company also assists us with secretarial services. Barry used to attend our board meetings, but Daniel does that now. Barry still pops in from time to time with a joke to share with us.
“Shares in Associated Chemists have to be owned by pharmacy owners in the greater Dunedin area, with all owners having an equal shareholding. If a pharmacist sells their business, the share can be sold to the new owner or back to Associated Chemists Ltd. Daniel provides essential information around the share value that forms the basis for the sale or transfer,” explains Keith.

As well as his involvement in Associated Chemists, Keith has his own pharmacy business; Unichem Mornington Pharmacy. The chemist has been serving the local community for more than eight decades and has a close association with the Mornington Health Centre. In only 20 years it will be celebrating its centenary, just like Associated Chemists.

Published Spring 2014.

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