Ali Arc Logistics

Lean business principles drive this business

Ali Arc Logistics is a specialist commercial storage company and container handling facility located in Wanganui. It is one of ten businesses owned by the Bartley Group and Brendon Bartley is the Group’s general manager.

The company has experienced major growth over the past seven years and now boasts more than 20,000m² of commercial storage space.

“When we started in 2000, we had one warehouse in Heads Road to handle the Mars pet food business. In 2008, we started to grow rapidly and we now have four warehouses and a container handling site. As the logistics side of the business grew, more warehouses were built and demand meant we also built an export and import facility,” explains Brendon.

Open Country Dairy, the second largest milk powder producer in New Zealand, accounts for around 80 percent of Ali Arc Logistics’ business. “We are MPI Biosecurity and NZ Customs accredited so act like an inland port, one that loads containers for export orders and also inspects and imports containers according to MPI guidelines.”

Originally set up with two staff, Ali Arc Logistics’ workforce now numbers 12, although the Bartley Group employs nearer 100 staff. Along with container storage and handling, the company also offers document storage, inventory management solutions and container sales. Warehouses are located in Castlecliff, close to the main industrial hub of Wanganui, and are ideally placed to offer the range of storage and material handling options for their customers.

“We also run Direct Connect, which is an inland port with a dedicated daily train that has grown from shifting 1,600 to 4,500 containers a year. The rail line was reopened by us and Molten Metals in 2010, after being closed for more than 20 years,” adds Brendon.

Ali Arc Logistics employs a ‘lean’ approach to business, one that has continuous improvement at its core. Recently Brendon and his team went to Japan to see the methodology in practice, along with Moore Stephens Markhams Wanganui director James Bowen.

“It was a big investment to take James with us, but we find him that valuable. He’s one of us, and an integral part of our business,” says Brendon.

When the team returned from Japan, James joined Brendon in a working group to develop the lean approach across the Bartley Group of companies, including Ali Arc Logistics.

“With James, we developed a mantra of six key words, which we have recently rolled out into our operation. ‘Lead’ refers to leading the way with innovation and solutions; ‘Simplify’ refers to making our processes the easiest and quickest they can be; ‘Can Do’ underpins our attitude; ‘Challenge’ requires us to always challenge the status quo and is linked to continuous improvement; ‘Team’ is an ‘all for one’ attitude; and ‘Inspire’ means leaving a lasting impression through actions and ideas.

James handles Ali Arc’s annual accounts and tax obligations but also acts in a business advisory role. “James’ involvement with the Bartley group of companies is very much more than being our accountant. As well as being part of our lean business working group, we run all opportunities past him to ensure they’re in line with our financial plan,” adds Brendon.

“He knows all the ins and outs of our business and is very good. We have a lot of time for him.”

Ali Arc Logistics

Published Spring 2015.

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