Collaboration breeds success for private investment company

Accord - Moore Stephens Markhams

Accordia is a financial services company based in Christchurch, established more than 20 years ago by directors Andrew Verrall and Selwyn Paynter (pictured left and right above). There are two arms to the Accordia business: specialist investment portfolio management and the client advisory group. The firm has offices in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch, with roles distributed among the 12-strong team.

Accordia’s client advisory services and investment solutions are designed to suit a range of requirements from a wide variety of clients, from retirement planning after the sale of a business or farm, to setting up and managing ongoing savings plans and existing investment portfolios. The company also specialises in managing Family Trust investments.

“Some people have built their businesses up over time and are now looking at investing for the long-term. Others have different goals, such as setting up education funding for younger family members. We find that many of our clients are realising the need to diversify their capital, to maximise a windfall or create an independent income from a portfolio,” says Andrew.

Accordia’s services are split into different units; a team of specialist investment managers, researchers and analysts are based in Auckland and provide recommendations that feed into the building and management of clients’ portfolios. The Auckland office also houses the compliance and administration team. The Christchurch-based Accordia team works with clients to find out where they want to go with their investments and the level of risk they are comfortable with.

“A lot of careful work goes into assessing a client’s risk appetite,” says Andrew. “We need to understand their capacity for risk and their balance sheet position, and then manage that as an integral part of the personal planning process. We set a risk budget for our clients, which is seen in the context of their lifestyle and their goals.
It’s about finding the right balance of risk and return.”

The manager for the Accordia portfolios is Caliber, a specialist funds manager. Caliber is headed by Mark Wooster, who is also a director of Accordia Asset management. Mark was formerly the Chief Investment Officer of ASB Group Investments and managed a portfolio worth more than
$5 billion.

“The Accordia portfolio provides a diversified, high quality mix of investments, both locally, and offshore. The team at Caliber has the institutional contacts to access investments that in many cases cannot be accessed by private investors,” adds Andrew.

Both Andrew and Selwyn have had a very long business and personal association with Graeme Rhodes and Belinda Canton at Moore Stephens Markhams Christchurch. Andrew says the team is actively involved in the Accordia business, giving them high level financial advice particularly around structure, and that there is real synergy working collaboratively with Graeme and Belinda.

“We provide a link to Moore Stephens Markhams clients who need advice and guidance on the next stage of their financial life. It’s a wonderful conduit and we work collaboratively with the team to make sure their clients are being looked after with sound investment advice and direction.

“It’s about providing a professionally planned collaborative strategy toward financial security, which complements what they do. They have a very high professional standard of client care, and when we work with joint clients, this is very much in evidence.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that has worked well now for more than two decades.”

Published summer 2017.

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